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A claim that a company’s product injured someone or caused property damage is a serious allegation. A negative result can impact a company’s reputation and profitability well beyond a single specific claim. Industry emphasis on constantly improving safety has resulted in products that are safer than ever. As a result, plaintiffs and their lawyers must develop increasingly creative liability theories and are pursuing claims against entities that are not traditionally considered product manufacturers. A company facing a claim that one of its products is defective needs experienced counsel that understands the product technology and has the ability to translate that understanding to a jury.

Scrudder Bass has a long history of successfully representing product manufacturers, sellers, and distributors against product liability claims. Our attorneys have broad experience developing facts, analyzing exposure, and executing strategies that insure the best outcome for our clients. We strive to understand how our clients’ products are engineered and manufactured to locate and retain experts who can best explain that technology to a judge or jury. Through detailed investigation of the facts, research into the product technology involved, and effective cross-examination of expert witnesses, our lawyers have been successful in obtaining dismissal of product liability claims through motion practice.

The Firm has provided successful representation in numerous product categories including pharmaceutical, medical, industrial, toxic torts, and consumer and commercial products. We have defended national and international corporations in claims involving asbestos, corrugated stainless steel tubing, Diacetyl, and Chinese drywall. The firm strives to provide this high quality legal service in the most cost-efficient manner possible.